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דף הבית STATUS Real Estate

STATUS Real Estate

STATUS Real Estate marketing offices and high yield investments

Status Real Estate Consultants Ltd. provides marketing, realtor and sales consulting services in the field of commercial and business real estate, specializing in office rentals and sales and in yield-bearing real estate investments.
The company is headed by CEO and owner Gil Vardi, whose experience and expertise in commercial real estate, especially office rentals and sales, goes back to 1990, when he worked in the national commercial department of Anglo-Saxon Realty.
The executives at Status Real Estate Consultants have the experience, understanding, connections and skills that come with more than 40 years of cumulative activity in the field. The company’s exceptional expertise, knowledge, business connections and skills set Status Real Estate Consultants apart from all other real estate consultants, particularly in the realm of commercial properties.
Status Real Estate Consultants has made office space and high-tech companies its primary focus. The company is active in the greater Tel Aviv area and the Sharon region, including Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Bnei Brak, Herzliya and Petah Tikva.
Status Real Estate Consultants Ltd. also serves as the marketing arm for construction companies building office space for sale and rental, working with these firms from the stage of defining their business objectives, through the formulation of marketing concepts and strategies, to the sales process itself.
Status Real Estate Consultants is also involved in yield-bearing real estate investments. With the help of economic models, a broad outlook and our abundant experience, we know how to interpret market fluctuations and identify trends. We analyze every transaction and interpret its financial, financing and tax significance, including gross yields, return on equity, generating positive cash flow, and more. This is the added value of Status Real Estate Consultants and what makes us stand out from among our competitors.
Status Real Estate Consultants has a research and marketing department that interprets and analyzes both social and market trends. The department`s staffers are all highly experienced and innovative, with an in-depth understanding of the commercial real estate market. The department analyzes market trends by monitoring office rentals, office sales, and yield-bearing real estate investments and by analyzing transactions and drawing conclusions.
This professional analysis of the real estate market gives us a leg up on our competitors; we are deeply familiar with how the office rental and sales market and yield-bearing investments work and can better assess what the future has in store, including the financial and economic ramifications of any transaction. We can thereby formulate successful marketing and sales strategies and penetrate the office rental and sales market a step ahead of all others working in the field.
Every real estate move we make, whether a rental or a sale, is supported by analyses of the market and real estate trends, strategic assessments, economic and financial tools, environmental analyses, and various models particular to the real estate market. When necessary, we consult with certified real estate assessors.
Vast current knowledge is constantly made available to all company departments, so that our executives` abundant experience and know-how is passed throughout the company and reaches every last one of our realtors.
Status Real Estate Consultants is careful to maintain strict confidentiality. We have a high work ethic and maintain a well-run, responsible office. We pay special attention to maintaining a regular, continuous dialogue and personal online contact with every client as part of our long-term relationship. We are always available to deal with questions or any other matter, because listening to clients and understanding their needs are an integral part of the personalized service that we are committed delivering, 24/7.
Status Real Estate Consultants has proven – and continues to prove –that it is the leader in the commercial real estate market and the office rental and sales market, providing added value to each of our clients and to every one of our transactions.
We are proud to put our professionalism, expertise, and service-oriented approach at the disposal of our clients, whom we see through the entire transaction process, from initial deliberations to successful conclusion.